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California, We Love You!

New for 2017. 1dpi Cocktail Table.

The California theme has always been at the core of artist, Florian Roeper’s fascination with the American West. “I’ve always found a certain comfort in maps. It’s as if they connect me even more to the land.”

This collector’s piece consists of over 1200 solid bronze rounds which are welded on the bottom and polished to a smooth finish on the top. Bronze welding is one of the most difficult techniques in the world of metal fabrication, and this piece was taken to one of the nation’s premier bronze foundries to perform this delicate task. The base is made of blackened steel. 1dpi derives it’s name from the computer graphics industry- each bronze round is 1″ round = 1 dot per inch.

Limited Edition of 3.

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The Dinner Party at Studio Roeper Gallery

Imagine sitting around one of the largest walnut slabs in the world, sipping wine, conversing with family and friends, indulging in seasonal delicacies. We did just that at our Autumn Dinner Party! Our healthy mix of guests included Nicole Hollis, David Oldroyd of ODADA, Alan Deal of BAMO and Patsy Nickum, founder of Rocky Mountain Hardware.

Click on the image below to experience the dinner as a bird’s eye view time-lapse. This once-in-a-lifetime slab is now available exclusively at Studio Roeper. Price upon request.



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Studio Roeper & SFC&G Magazine present a Springtime Champagne Reception

On Wednesday, February 24th from 4-7pm, our San Francisco flagship showroom comes to life with another multi-sensory event!

Join us as we chime in the Spring season with the brand new Shadow table collection which features exquisite local walnut slabs milled and seasoned at the Studio Roeper sawmill. Mingle with other top San Francisco design professionals, including SFC&G Editor-in-Chief, Alisa Carroll, and Handful of Salt Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Regina Connell. Chat with Florian Roeper, Founder and Senior Craftsman of Studio Roeper, and discover the possibilities of custom, locally handmade furniture.

A talented group of designers will be complementing the furniture collection: Abacus Row-jewelry; Windy Chien-lighting; Elworthy Studio-textiles/wallpaper.

Sip champagne and munch crispy, freshly-made waffles!

Kindly RSVP to: [email protected]

FEB 24th

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Sustainable California Hardwoods

Exotic Hardwoods? Yes! They grow right here, at our doorstep. This great state of California is well-known to botanists and nature buffs [myself included] for harboring the world’s tallest, largest and oldest trees in the world. Whoa! And as if that wasn’t outrageous enough, our trees also yield some of the most beautiful lumber. California Black Walnut and American Elm are my favorite.

Taking all this bounty into account, it made total sense for us to start at the very beginning of the cycle of wood- the tree itself. For the past decade we have been sourcing local sick and fallen trees, which we mill and season at our own sawmill in Walnut Creek, California.

As a woodworker with sustainability at the core of my practice, nothing fills me more with joy than to be able to dig through our piles of seasoned walnut and come across the perfect [and imperfect] slab for the next project.

Click below to watch our sawmill at work:


Studio Roeper sawmill

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The Art of Handcrafted Furniture

We, the makers and the artists, the craftsmen and the designers, for generations have sought out the Golden State as our empty canvas, our playground, our dream-come-true. I myself am a first-generation immigrant from Germany, and it strikes me how close my heart still is to my motherland, even after 24 years of living in California. Perhaps it is precisely this sentiment that has nurtured my inspiration to create artistic, handcrafted furniture throughout my career. Each and every Studio Roeper creation contains within it a piece of home. In my case, a home connected to a rich and proud history in craftsmanship, engineering and design. As F. A. Porsche puts it, “design is not simply art, it is elegance of function.”

This symbiosis of cultures -the one left behind and the one sought after- acts as a metaphor to me in my work. Finding harmony and balance amongst distinct materials is my number one design objective. Speaking in wood and metal is my design language. I am not not alone in this quest to make sense of our heritage and our destination. It seems that we all experience it in a multitude of ways, best known as the experiment we like to call the American Dream. And what a journey it is!!


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VIP Champagne Reception at Studio Roeper

Here are some visuals from Studio Roeper’s VIP Champagne Reception and Private Tour. One of the highlights of the evening was the unveiling by Senior Craftsman Florian Roeper of our latest creation, the BALL & CHAIN table, an Elm stump which had grown around a steel chain. [].

It was a merry gathering and I would like to thank you all for joining us!!

Stay tuned for our next designer event in February during Design San Francisco 2016.


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This is how we roll.

I got my first skateboard when I was like 9. A Tony Hawk with the classic skull design. My mom was only allowed to buy me skater clothes. My haircut was rad, different from the other kids. A few years later I got into snowboarding and surfing as well. I’m a big fan of boardsports. To me, it’s such a significant part of California culture. So a couple summers ago I took some time to engineer and develop my own boards. The # 1 design parameter was to take the feeling of surfing and snowboarding to the street. Several prototypes later, the boards are now ready to go into small Collector’s Edition production. Click here to check em out!



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Creating Papillon

Time lapse movie of the creation of the Papillon painting, which is part of the High as a Kite series. This segment focuses on the application of the copper leaf which occurs in multiple layers, and thus, creates a great sense of depth and dimension.

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 11.41.49 AM


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Half & Half

Is half-black the new black? Did my right eye go color blind? A new interpretation of our Divided Lands series?

Try this. It’s our brand new Vienna oval table in our first-attempt Smoked Walnut finish, being stripped back to bare wood. Ouch!! It’s rough when 6 days worth of finishing goes to hell. We were just about to deliver it to the showroom but I just wasn’t satisfied with the blackness of the black. So back to “the lab”, making new samples. I was going for a slightly lighter hue, somewhere between black and brown, purple and grey. And, boy, did it feel good when I found it!! It really brings out the richness and hue variations of the wood. Stay tuned; we will post pictures of our new Smoked Walnut finish shortly.

Time and again I make mistakes. Even big ones like this. Thank you sweet baby jesus for these mistakes, it’s the best and only way I want to learn. But please don’t send them too often or I may just go half-cuckoo!




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We make our own lumber.

We love trees. And we love wood. Sustainability is at the core of our practice and our way of showing respect is to salvage precious logs from becoming firewood. Plus, it’s nice to get out of the woodshop every once in a while and play with the big toys. Click on the image below to view the short film about our sawmill.


Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.27.43 PM

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New. New. New.

Ahhhhhhhhhh. New gallery. New website. New logo… New me! It’s amazing how fresh this feels.

15 years in the making, and Studio Roeper has just completed it’s first major overhaul. A chance for us to reflect on the early struggles, the lessons learned, the coming of age and, of course, “what’s next?”.

I would like to express my dearest thanks to all of our clients that have supported us over the years. Yeah, it’s fun being in the studio and dreaming up ideas of things to make; but it’s freaking awesome when someone actually pays us to do that!! We love our job, and we hope it shows in the work.

Warmest regards,





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