Half & Half

Is half-black the new black? Did my right eye go color blind? A new interpretation of our Divided Lands series?

Try this. It’s our brand new Vienna oval table in our first-attempt Smoked Walnut finish, being stripped back to bare wood. Ouch!! It’s rough when 6 days worth of finishing goes to hell. We were just about to deliver it to the showroom but I just wasn’t satisfied with the blackness of the black. So back to “the lab”, making new samples. I was going for a slightly lighter hue, somewhere between black and brown, purple and grey. And, boy, did it feel good when I found it!! It really brings out the richness and hue variations of the wood. Stay tuned; we will post pictures of our new Smoked Walnut finish shortly.

Time and again I make mistakes. Even big ones like this. Thank you sweet baby jesus for these mistakes, it’s the best and only way I want to learn. But please don’t send them too often or I may just go half-cuckoo!