The Art of Handcrafted Furniture

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We, the makers and the artists, the craftsmen and the designers, for generations have sought out the Golden State as our empty canvas, our playground, our dream-come-true. I myself am a first-generation immigrant from Germany, and it strikes me how close my heart still is to my motherland, even after 24 years of living in California. Perhaps it is precisely this sentiment that has nurtured my inspiration to create artistic, handcrafted furniture throughout my career. Each and every Studio Roeper creation contains within it a piece of home. In my case, a home connected to a rich and proud history in craftsmanship, engineering and design. As F. A. Porsche puts it, “design is not simply art, it is elegance of function.”

This symbiosis of cultures -the one left behind and the one sought after- acts as a metaphor to me in my work. Finding harmony and balance amongst distinct materials is my number one design objective. Speaking in wood and metal is my design language. I am not not alone in this quest to make sense of our heritage and our destination. It seems that we all experience it in a multitude of ways, best known as the experiment we like to call the American Dream. And what a journey it is!!


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