2020 SPECIAL EDITION Dining Table

Introducing our 2020 SPECIAL EDITION Dining Table in Smoked Walnut and Bronze. Senior Craftsman, Florian Roeper, has a way of finding slabs with perfect imperfections, and bringing them back to life with his artistic sensibilities. “When we mill the logs into slabs, I’m most attracted to the beat-up ones with cracks, knots and so on. Patching them back together brings me great satisfaction, as if I have finished the work that nature has begun”.

The SPECIAL EDITION Series will emerge sporadically as Florian discovers new and unusual slabs. This 1st Edition features our Polished Bronze SOHO legs. The highlight of the piece is a stunning book match top with 2 severe cracks running down the length of the table top which are filled with Bronze Leaf and Ultra Clear Resin.

Why Special?!? Because it’s the only one. Order now!!




Smoked Walnut / Ultra Clear Resin / Bronze Leaf / Polished Bronze

126"L x 45"D x 29.5"H