1 DOT PER INCH Cocktail Table

The California theme has always been at the core of artist, Florian Roeper’s fascination with the American West. “I’ve always found a certain comfort in maps. It’s as if they connect me even more to the land.”

This one of a kind cocktail table consists of over 1200 solid bronze rounds which are connected on the underside with over 2000 welds!! Bronze is one of the most difficult metals to weld and to perform this delicate task requires the highest level of craftsmanship and perfection. After the welding process, the precise borders with Oregon, Nevada, Arizona and Mexico were cut with a waterjet. The California Coast was left in full circles.

The base is made of blackened steel. 1dpi derives it’s name from the computer graphics industry; each bronze round is 1″ round = 1 dot per inch.