60" x 56" x 16"H
Claro Walnut / Ebonized Walnut


Re-thinking slab tables since 2003.


Not enough drama in your living room? Look no further.

"When I come across a slab like this, I get goose bumps", and with one of the largest walnut slab inventories in the country, Florian is at any given time in a quiet, creative dialog with a handful of slabs that he recently encountered.
"The slab itself dictates the design and gives me the impulse to continue a work of art that nature has begun".


The CASCADES table series is intended to remain flexible in it's design features- the process is guided by the character of each unique slab, resulting in an entirely unique product for each client.

In this table shown - the very first of the series, i.e. Edition 001 - the raw and dramatic character of the oil-rubbed Claro Walnut slab is juxtaposed with a razor thin and elegant opposite end which is finished in semi-gloss Ebonized Walnut. The balance of these elements is key in creating a design that is engaging, organic and contemporary all at once- the benchmark style of Studio Roeper.


This stunning, one-of-a-kind piece is now on display and available for purchase at the Studio Roeper Workshop Gallery in Napa. Connect with us and let's get started on your truly original table together!

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