PHANTOM Coffee Table

Can a design, minimalist and austere in nature, also be warm and engaging all at once? We dare say yes.

Introducing the PHANTOM Collection, a groundbreaking series of tables, bold and captivating, designed to shatter the belief that “modern” must automatically equal cold and unapproachable. “There is movement in this piece, and it is anchored by the striking glow of the underbelly”, says designer/artist Florian Roeper, referring to the continuous, waterfall effect of the bookmatch walnut slabs and the lavishly adorned underside. Offered in a carefully curated selection of our exclusive wood finishes, and paired with gold, bronze, copper or silver leaf.

Each table is handmade, one piece at a time, at our California artisan workshop. We are offering a limited selection in varying sizes. Contact us to have your own masterpiece created.

Handmade bronze etched coffee table