SHADOW Coffee Table
Smoked Walnut / Blackened Steel
46" x 48" x 16"H

Shadow 1

The SHADOW Coffee Table is a pure celebration of the natural beauty of wood; knots, cracks, imperfections and all.
It is my love letter to Claro Walnut.


Any piece of wood that you look at is one moment... frozen in time... of one tree's life... A life that spans times of plenty and times of hardship, just like ours. Claro Walnut, our native walnut species here in Northern California, thrives in the hot inland climate in the mineral-rich soils, both factors that contribute to it's deep red brown color and dramatic grain and figure. This design aims to showcase the amazing character of this wood.

Inlays, blackened steel butterflies and satin black lacquer are integrated as design accents. Each piece is finished and oiled by hand to such a buttery rich smoothness that it’s impossible not to reach out and touch it. The oil that I use is environmentally friendly and easy-to-maintain.

Shadow 4
Shadow 6

The SHADOW Coffee Table uses salvaged Northern California walnut logs which are milled at the Studio Roeper sawmill and air-dried onsite for several years. I consider this wood our local "exotic" hardwood, and not a single square inch of tropical rainforest is depleted in the process.

Handmade bronze etched coffee table