BERLIN Slab Table
Claro Walnut
10ft L x 44" D x 29" H [custom size available]

Imagine an entire tree's life. Frozen in time. In your dining room.

A single walnut slab of this magnitude is a rare find these days. Claro Walnut trees do not grow in large swaths of forests, but rather they are individual trees mostly found on farms or along creek beds, making them much more difficult to source than commercial hardwoods. Their geographical range is from Northern California to Oregon. A mature tree can grow up to 6ft wide in diameter and live up to 150 years.

Florian has a great reverence for these miracles of nature and has committed himself to giving these trees a second life by preserving their beauty in the shape of masterfully crafted tables. For the past 23 years, he has milled and seasoned a significant amount of walnut trees which has now grown into one of the largest selections of XL walnut slabs in the world, ranging from 8-16ft long and 3-5ft wide.

Your first step is simple: You can view our slab inventory in Napa, or reach out to us with your preferred size and we'll send over some available slab options. Bookmatch table tops are also available.
Each table is handmade by Florian at the Napa Valley Workshop Gallery, and polished to a buttery smooth and silky finish using an all-natural, non-toxic and easy to maintain oil.