Claro Walnut Single Slab Top / Ebonized Walnut Base
130" x 45" x 29"H [custom size available]


A slab in all of it's glory, and a nod to minimalism.


At first glance, it's a simple table. At second glance, a world opens up and all of the intricacies of a tree's life reveal themselves! Having a single slab table top makes all the difference in wow-ing yourself and your guests. With it's simple and clean lines, DOMUS 2 is for those who seek subtlety and refinement in a statement piece.


Shaped with a distinct edge radius and polished with a satin and silky smooth oil finish, the DOMUS 2 Table begs to be touched and used and loved. This spectacular display of a single slab of Claro Walnut is a true work of nature's art in your dining room. A tree's life, frozen in time.


Best of all, you get to have fun from the very start! Upon submitting your specs, Florian will select the very best walnut slabs from one of the largest slab collections in the world and present them to you.
DOMUS 2 is handmade by Florian at his Napa Valley Workshop Gallery.