CANDY Copper Side Table

Combine 21 sheets copper leaf; 1 quart crystal clear epoxy resin; 1 cup paint; 1/2 leather hide. Paint and pour, stitch and stretch. CANDY is now ready to be served!

The CANDY Table Series is an exploration into the merging of the unlikely, yet luxurious characteristics of metal leaf and leather. Florian Roeper, senior craftsman and founder of the company, drew inspiration for this design from leather bags and jewelry. “This is certainly a departure from my previous body of work. Compared to the mostly linear and bold attributes of the Studio Roeper collection, CANDY feels like a precious little gem that I want to put in my pocket,” he says.

The table top consists of a metal leaf and painted pattern onto which a heavy coat of crystal clear epoxy resin is poured. This creates a mesmerizing glossy surface. The leather sleeve is sewn with a topstitch and finished with a piping detail around the top rim.

Charred wood side tableBrass patina finish